Dear Friends:

I am honored to serve my first term representing the residents of Happy Valley and East Portland.

I’m proud to serve as a Vice-Chair of the Education Committee, and I will continue to use my experience as a classroom teacher and school board member to make decisions that are in the best interests of Oregon’s students. I am also very happy to sit on the Agriculture & Natural Resources and Energy & Environment committees, where I enjoy learning more about the great resources our state has to offer,and the innovative ways our residents find to put them to good, sustainable use.

Since being sworn in, I have found representing my district to be very rewarding. While there is always work to be done, many of the needs of House District 48 were addressed in the 2013 legislative session. Oregon leaders voted to invest in career and technical education so that our students can learn skills that will translate into good paying jobs when they leave high school or college. The legislature also passed bills that would provide small businesses with the technical help they need and local farmers with capital they were unable to get before. In East Portland, we saw millions of dollars headed our way for new sidewalks to keep our children and seniors safe.


Thank you,

Jeff's Signature, First Name Only

Jeff Reardon