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Jeff Reardon is Proudly Endorsed By:

Elected Officials
Governor Barbara Roberts
Bill Bradbury, former Oregon Secretary of State
Cheryl A.Scarcelli Ancheta, David Douglas School Board
State Representative Jules Bailey
Denise Browning, Gladstone School Board member
State Senator Ginny Burdick
Frieda Christopher, David Douglas School Board Member
Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick
State Senator Jackie Dingfelder
Markley Drake, Happy Valley City Council President
State Representative Sara Gelser
State Representative Chris Harker
State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
State Representative Paul Holvey
State Representative Dave Hunt
State Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer
Linda Moraga, North Clackamas School Board Member
Kristin Mitchell, Fmr. Happy Valley City Councilor and Planning Commission Chair
State Senator Rod Monroe
Alice Norris, former Mayor of Oregon City
State Senator Floyd Prozanski
Mary Wendy Roberts, Former Oregon Labor Commissioner
Martha Schrader, former Clackamas County Commissioner & State Senator
State Senator Chip Shields
Kyle Walker, North Clackamas School Board Member

Association of Oregon Corrections Employees
AFL-CIO of Oregon
Basic Rights Oregon PAC
Bike Walk Vote PAC
District Council of Laborers
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701
Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters (Locals 146, 156, 196)
Northwest Regional Council of Laborers
Oregon Building Trades Council
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon Education Association
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Nurseries’ PAC
Oregon School Employees Association
Oregon Wild
Oregon Working Families Party
Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon
Sierra Club
SEIU Local 503
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 555
United Transportation Union of Oregon

Teachers and Parents
Cheryl Bland, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Mitzi Bauer, Parent, North Clackamas School District
Alan Browning, West Powellhurst Elementary School Principal
Scott Cashdollar, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Katy Chase, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Kim Crosby, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Dana & David Deklyn, Parents, North Clackamas School District
Ann Domholt, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Anne Downing, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Jane & Randolph Doyle, Parents, David Douglas School District
Keisha Edwards, Parent, Portland Public School District
Bill Ekroth, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Dena Hellums, Parent, North Clackamas School District
Sarah Hunt, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Greg Lind, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Al Matson, Teacher (Retired), Lent Elementary
Cherie-Anne May, Principal, David Douglas School District
John May, Parent, David Douglas School District
Kris & Mike Mitchell, Parents, North Clackamas School District
Shannon & Travis Raybold, Parents,David Douglas School District
Som Nath Sudebi, Parent, David Douglas School District
Michael Vogel, Educator, Portland Public Schools
Julie Vopel, Parent, North Clackamas School District
Chris Wilson, Former Student, David Douglas School District
Michelle Wood, Teacher, David Douglas School District
Michael Yates, Teacher, David Douglas School District

Business Leaders
Lori Luchak, President, Miles Fiberglass & Composites
Al Mackey, Small Business Owner
Chip Sammons, Small Business Owner
Thomas Joseph, Small Business Owner
Rose Holden, Owner Oregon City Golf Club

Community Leaders
Molly Aleshire, Lents Resident
T.A. Barnhart
Cheryl Bland – Outdoor School Teacher
Max Brugger
Charlie Burr
Jofmitz Carney
Michael Chapman, Lents Resident
Rod & Barbara Chester
Nick Christensen, Lents Neighborhood Association= Chair
Christen Christner
Mark Christopher
Lee Coleman
Jesse Cornett
Nathalie Darcy
Harry Demarest
Anne & Jeff Downing
Gretchen Dursch
Cheryl Ellis
Gayle Erickson
Kevin S. Finney
Erick Flores
Beth Gerot
Greg & Leanne Handley
Ken Hayes
Beth Hoben
Rose Holden
Shelda Holmes
Bob Hoke
Kris Howatt
Steve Hughes, Director, Working Families Party of Oregon
Heather Hyland, Zenger Farm volunteer and Clackamas County resident
Aileen Kaye
Ron Knight – Fir Ridge Director, retired
Dmitriy Kovalenko
Alyson Kraus
Jill Kuehler
Mike Litt
Andy Maggi
Janet Matson
Annette Mattson
Kristen Mitchell
Bruce Mock
Lindsay Nelson
Tena Olson, Veterans Advocate
Angela Perry
Christina Pearl, Board Member, North Clackamas Education Foundation
Clark Peters, retired OEA UniServe
Mac Prichard
Shannon & Travis Raybold
Linda Robinson
David Roth
Meredith Shield
Michael Stewart
Mark Sturboisf
Som Nath Subedi
Kristin Teigen
Jody Wiser
Sharon & Andy Szeknoki
Pao Vang
Doug Wells
Jim Whittenburg
Suzie Wolf
Susan Wolfer
Bill Bailey, Chair Gresham Planning Commission


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