Highlighted by some of the most recognized names in Clackamas and Multnomah Counties, a group of women has joined together to endorse the campaign of Jeff Reardon in his primary race for House District 48.

Supporters include former Governor Barbara Roberts, former Labor Commissioner Mary Wendy Roberts, Lori Miles Luchak, President of Miles Fiberglass, State Senators Ginny Burdick, Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward and Jackie Dingfelder, State Rep. Alisa Keny-Guyer, former Oregon City Mayor Alice Norris, Rose Holden, owner of the Oregon City Golf Club, and Annette Mattson, Reardon’s wife and a member of the David Douglas School Board.

Reardon, they said, is the one candidate in the race clearly on the side of women in the broad array of issues facing them today including women’s health care and reproductive rights, domestic violence, foreclosure relief, affordable housing, economic equity, environmental protection, education and other issues critical to women in particular.

The group is hosting an event for Reardon Thursday night at 7 p,m, at the Oregon City Golf Club. Rose Holden, owner of the course, is a member of the Women for Reardon team.

“Across this country, we’ve seen a rise in the rhetoric against women and against women’s rights to control our own lives and bodies,” said Mary Wendy Roberts. “In his 30-plus years of service to this community – as a teacher, a school board member, a businessman and a community leader – Jeff Reardon has always been supportive of the issues we care about. We ‘Women for Reardon’ are proud to endorse him for District 48.”

The women backing Reardon say they are highly disturbed at recent endorsements Schaufler received from a number of organizations despite Schaufler’s flaunting use of campaign funds for bar tabs and personal expenses, his groping of a woman at a convention last year and his votes on the floor of the Oregon House where he often was the only Democrat to turn his back on working families while siding with banks and other corporate special interests.

“We need financial fairness in Oregon particularly during these tough times. Mike Schaufler sides with the big mortgage lenders over struggling homeowners.  He consistently collects thousands of dollars from special interests while doing next-to-nothing to create jobs for today’s workers,” said former Governor Roberts. “Jeff Reardon will put working families first over big corporate contributors.”

For Sen. Steiner-Hayward, Oregon’s newest State Senator, it was the issues of women’s health and reproductive rights that led her to endorse Reardon.

“As a family physician and a legislator, I only support candidates who will truly stand up for women on health and reproductive rights issues. Jeff Reardon will stand with women on these critical issues and I am proud to stand with Jeff Reardon for State Representative,” said Sen. Steiner-Hayward.

In endorsing Reardon, other members of the group cited their own personal experiences with Reardon and their dismay over Schaufler’s misdeeds.

“Jeff Reardon’s experience and commitment to education is an important reason why I am endorsing him,” said Dena Hellums, a public school teacher, North Clackamas Stand for Children Chair, and a District 48 resident. “I watched Schaufler cast votes against our children in the Legislature. When the time came for the most important single issue for education – funding – Rep Schaufler sided with the Republican leadership and voted to reduce the funding available for schools. I watched him side with the corporate lobby against the interests of our children. That’s why I am endorsing Jeff Reardon for State Representative.”

Luchak, the former Chair of the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, said Reardon will work to create jobs inside District 48, something Schaufler has failed to do in his ten years in office.

Schaufler has a long history of advocating increased logging, building pipelines through farmland and draining water from the Columbia River as his version of job creation.

“Our business owners know that we cannot rely on our past as a natural resources based economy to create family wage jobs of the future. We need to retain and attract new manufacturing in District 48. We need help for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Jeff Reardon will work together with our city and county officials to help us create jobs in our community,” said Luchak.

State Sen. Jackie Dingfelder said she was endorsing Reardon because of the current Representative’s long-standing opposition to protecting natural resources and support for corporate polluters.

“Schaufler has made no secret his antagonism towards conservation and protecting our environment. I know Jeff Reardon will work to protect our children’s health, our air and our water,” said Dingfelder.

Mattson said Reardon was an excellent parent and role model for their four daughters.

“All of our daughters graduated from Oregon universities. That in itself is quite an achievement. Couple that with Jeff’s years of service in our community and our schools and its easy to see why I endorse him,” said Mattson.